Spring Security

Spring Security Basics

  1. AuthenticationEntryPoint.
  2. AuthenticationFilter.
  3. AuthenticationProvider.
  4. AuthenticationSuccessHandler
  5. AuthenticationFailureHandler.
  6. AuthenticationManager.
  7. UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter
  8. UserDetailsService
  9. UserDetails.
  10. User
  11. GrantedAuthority
  12. PasswordEncoder

Getting Started with Spring Security & Spring Boot

  1. Configure Spring Security in Spring boot.
  2. In-Memory authentication.
  3. JDBC Authentication with Mysql query.
  4. JDBC Authentication with Custom User Details Service.
  5. Configure Role Hierarchy.
  6. How to get User Authorities for a currently logged in user.
  7. Custom Login Url for authentication.
  8. Custom Logout Url for authentication.
  9. Custom Logout Success Url.
  10. Spring Security Secure url's for authentication.
  11. How to add details to User Authentication token.
  12. DAO based authentication.
  13. How to configure, use and disable CSRF attacks.

Spring Security Web/MVC

  1. Custom Login Page.
  2. Custom Login Url.
  3. Custom Login Filter.
  4. Custom Login Success Handler.
  5. Custom Login username and password fields.
  6. DAO based Authentication.

Spring Security Rest

  1. How to make Spring Security authentication Stateless.
  2. Allow Assets and Resources to be accessed.

Spring Security in Grails

  1. How to integrate Spring Security in Grails.
  2. How to add Custom Attributes to Spring Security User object.
  3. How to create a Custom Spring Security Filter in Grails.